Feature Stories for Link

posted by / February 23, 2024

Very excited to share our latest transcreation work for Link’s Channel 823, which includes two feature stories close to our hearts. As butterfly enthusiasts, it was a pleasure to support and, hopefully, enhance these meaningful initiatives to provide urban sanctuaries for migrating butterflies as well as involve the community. Working on these stories, and many others for various clients, reminds us of the positive butterfly effects that can be created by caring for nature, linking communities, and lifting people up. We’re honored to help spread the wings of such worthwhile endeavors.

Read the full stories at the links below.

Do Butterflies Need Butterfly Gardens, or Do We?

The Joys and Sorrows, Trials and Triumphs of Butterfly Guardians

Link-Butterfly Garden

Subtitles Translation for MuseFest HK 2020

posted by / January 21, 2021

A captivating experience of subtitles translation throughout. The project offered us an opportunity to revisit some little-known Hong Kong history and research art conservation topics, while translating subtitles for MuseFest HK 2020.

If you have 26 minutes to catch up on some Hong Kong history, check this video out:

The first half of the talk is about five historical figures who visited Hong Kong – Nicholas II, Hirohito, Edward VIII, Chaplin, and George Bernard Shaw. The second half goes over Hong Kong’s toy making past, including the Cabbage Patch Kids.

If you are interested in poster creation, listen to two designers sharing their creations and works that they love (hint: lots of Japanese posters):

And, if you would like to learn about glass or painting conservation, here are two short videos:

Glass conservation:

Painting conservation:

CUHK Human Resources Office Newsletter

posted by / May 7, 2019

We were invited by the Chinese University’s Human Resources Office to translate their Positive Workplace and Staff Development newsletter. Our first translation project for the education sector!


“We Dare to Venture” 2019

posted by / February 22, 2019

Cyberport launched a sequel to its publicity campaign, We Dare to Venture, to spotlight the entrepreneurial spirit of 10 outstanding start-ups.

And we’ve been engaged to transcreate their stories.

Happy to help promote the uplifting stories of Hong Kong’s innovators!













eNewsletters Copywriting – Cyberport

posted by / August 4, 2018

March 2021 edition
(CyberLink Vol.150 Mar 2021)

February 2021 edition
(CyberLink Vol.149 Feb 2021)

January 2021 edition
(CyberLink Vol.148 Jan 2021)

December 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.147 Dec 2020)

November 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.146 Nov 2020)

October 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.145 Oct 2020)

September 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.144 Sep 2020)

August 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.143 Aug 2020)

Jul 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.142 Jul 2020)

June 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.141 Jun 2020)

May 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.140 May 2020)

April 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.139 Apr 2020)

For the April 2020 edition, we gave the style a make-over and improved the content flow. Instead of creating ledes that serve the dual purpose of being blurbs in the eDM and as ledes of the stories, we created dedicated blurbs for the eDM. This offered greater flexibility for styling the lede in each story and resulted in a smoother and more engaging flow.

March 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.138 Mar 2020)

February 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.137 Feb 2020)

January 2020 edition
(CyberLink Vol.136 Jan 2020)

December 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.135 Dec 2019)

November 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.134 Nov 2019)

October 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.133 Oct 2019)

September 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.132 Sep 2019)

August 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.131 Aug 2019)

July 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.130 Jul 2019)

June 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.129 Jun 2019)

May 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.128 May 2019)

April 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.127 April 2019)

March 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.126 March 2019)

February 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.125 February 2019)

January 2019 edition
(CyberLink Vol.124 January 2019)

December 2018 edition
(CyberLink Vol. 123 December 2018)

November 2018 edition
(CyberLink Vol. 122 November 2018)

October 2018 edition
(CyberLink Vol.121 October 2018)

September 2018 edition
(CyberLink Vol. 120 September 2018)

August 2018 edition
(CyberLink Vol. 119 August 2018)

July 2018 edition
(CyberLink Vol.118 July 2018)

Chatbot of Maxim’s Caterers Ltd

posted by / February 5, 2018

Translation of chatbot content for Maxim’s Caterers.

Full version: https://maxcareer.maxims.com.hk/en/career

Cyberport Annual Report 2016-17

posted by / November 10, 2017

At Cyberport, our mission is to foster digital technology, adding value to the economy and laying a solid foundation for further social and economic development of Hong Kong. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment by establishing Cyberport as a springboard for young, passionate entrepreneurs with global ambition. We have built a robust ecosystem that connects digital technology companies with local and international investors and business partners. Our community includes technology giants like Microsoft, IBM and Lenovo, as well as start-ups such as GOGOVAN, TNG Wallet and Klook. Large and small, these companies are critical drivers of the digital technology industry and enrich our lives with innovative solutions. From Internet+ platforms to disruptive business models, our unique community provides unparalleled opportunities to collaborate, build the new economy, and drive economic value creation for Hong Kong.

For the full version, please visit: Cyberport Annual Report 2016-17

Editing and Translation of Cyberport Annual Report 2015-16

posted by / September 13, 2016

We were invited to copyedit the English version of Cyberport’s 2015-16 Annual Report and translate it into Chinese.

We firmly believe in Hong Kong’s digital future and are honored to be able to contribute to the movement.