CUHK Human Resources Office Newsletter

We were invited by the Chinese University’s Human Resources Office to translate their Positive Workplace and Staff Development newsletter. Our first translation project for the education sector!

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March 2021 edition (CyberLink Vol.150 Mar 2021) February 2021 edition (CyberLink Vol.149 Feb 2021) January 2021 edition (CyberLink Vol.148 Jan 2021) December 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.147 Dec 2020) November 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.146 Nov 2020) October 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.145 Oct 2020) September 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.144 Sep 2020) August 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.143 Aug […]