Feature Stories for Link

Very excited to share our latest transcreation work for Link’s Channel 823, which includes two feature stories close to our hearts. As butterfly enthusiasts, it was a pleasure to support and, hopefully, enhance these meaningful initiatives to provide urban sanctuaries for migrating butterflies as well as involve the community. Working on these stories, and many […]

Subtitles Translation for MuseFest HK 2020

A captivating experience of subtitles translation throughout. The project offered us an opportunity to revisit some little-known Hong Kong history and research art conservation topics, while translating subtitles for MuseFest HK 2020. If you have 26 minutes to catch up on some Hong Kong history, check this video out: The first half of the talk […]

Feature Story Transcreation – HKSTP CEO Mr Albert Wong

It is always a pleasure writing for and about innovation and technology. We were invited by the CUHK Business School to transcreate a feature article of HKSTP CEO Mr Albert Wong. The original writer used Mr Wong’s love of running as a thread to connect the story, so we also weaved the theme of running […]

“We Dare to Venture” 2019

Cyberport launched a sequel to its publicity campaign, We Dare to Venture, to spotlight the entrepreneurial spirit of 10 outstanding start-ups. And we’ve been engaged to transcreate their stories. Happy to help promote the uplifting stories of Hong Kong’s innovators!