Feature Story Transcreation – HKSTP CEO Mr Albert Wong

It is always a pleasure writing for and about innovation and technology. We were invited by the CUHK Business School to transcreate a feature article of HKSTP CEO Mr Albert Wong. The original writer used Mr Wong’s love of running as a thread to connect the story, so we also weaved the theme of running […]

Feature story of a high-flying student

Our second feature story! It’s always a privilege to learn and write about the inspiring figures among us, tell their stories, and channel their positivity. As we conceived the metaphors to connect the story, we even got to learn a good deal about acappella and music. Another highly satisfying project. Read the original article on […]

Feature story of a Kazakh student who exemplifies youthful positivity

Our first feature story! Even though we didn’t conduct the interview, we were fascinated by Anna’s youthful positivity through the interview’s audio recording. Hope her story inspires you as much as it inspired us. Enjoy! Read the original article on the CUHK Business School website. (We have since written another feature story of another high-flying […]