Cover Story for GeoXpert for Hong Kong Engineer

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mr Kevin Chan, co-founder of GeoXpert, and writing a cover story for the magazine Hong Kong Engineer about his company’s smart construction technology. Read the full story by clicking here.

Cyberport’s Message for the 2023 Official Guide to Communications in Hong Kong

We were asked to develop a congratulatory message for Cyberport for the 2023 Official Guide to Communications in Hong Kong, with the year’s theme being the metaverse. During research for the project, we were able to delve deeply into the metaverse, and we were blown away by the scope and possibilities that the metaverse and […]

Feature Story Transcreation – HKSTP CEO Mr Albert Wong

It is always a pleasure writing for and about innovation and technology. We were invited by the CUHK Business School to transcreate a feature article of HKSTP CEO Mr Albert Wong. The original writer used Mr Wong’s love of running as a thread to connect the story, so we also weaved the theme of running […]

“We Dare to Venture” 2019

Cyberport launched a sequel to its publicity campaign, We Dare to Venture, to spotlight the entrepreneurial spirit of 10 outstanding start-ups. And we’ve been engaged to transcreate their stories. Happy to help promote the uplifting stories of Hong Kong’s innovators!                        

Cyberport Annual Report 2017-18

For the second consecutive year, we were invited by Cyberport to develop the content for its Annual Report. In addition to interviewing Cyberport’s chairman, CEO, and core teams, this year we interviewed six start-ups for their feature stories in the report. We thank Cyberport for the opportunity and the trust. We are honored to play […]

eNewsletters Copywriting – Cyberport

March 2021 edition (CyberLink Vol.150 Mar 2021) February 2021 edition (CyberLink Vol.149 Feb 2021) January 2021 edition (CyberLink Vol.148 Jan 2021) December 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.147 Dec 2020) November 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.146 Nov 2020) October 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.145 Oct 2020) September 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.144 Sep 2020) August 2020 edition (CyberLink Vol.143 Aug […]

Six-part series for the Bulletin magazine

We were commissioned by Cyberport to develop a six-part series on digital transformation for the Bulletin magazine, a trade magazine published by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce. April 2018 Issue (Topic: From Belt and Road to the Digital Silk Road): Source: May 2018 Issue (Topic: Data as the new currency): Source: […]

Cyberport Annual Report 2016-17

At Cyberport, our mission is to foster digital technology, adding value to the economy and laying a solid foundation for further social and economic development of Hong Kong. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment by establishing Cyberport as a springboard for young, passionate entrepreneurs with global ambition. We have built a robust ecosystem that […]

Press Release for Hong Kong FinTech Week

(Full Version: Cyberport showcases start-ups@Hong Kong FinTech Week) Cyberport showcases start-ups@Hong Kong FinTech Week Closer partnership with HKMA bolsters support for Hong Kong and Mainland FinTech companies 26 October 2017 – Cyberport kick-started five days of events at the Hong Kong FinTech Week, which opened on Monday (23 October) at the Hong Kong Convention and […]

FinTech Pamphlet for UK Delegation

In September 2017, Cyberport organized a high-level FinTech delegation to the UK to promote Hong Kong’s FinTech prowess. We were engaged to develop a handout to highlight Hong Kong’s FinTech developments, opportunities, and the 10 top-notch start-ups that joined the trip. Interviews were conducted with the start-ups, which included such companies as Lattice, Privé Managers, and […]

Live Tweeting

We’ve been invited by Cyberport to live tweet many events it hosted or co-organized, including the prestigious RISE Conference and Internet Economy Summit. Our job: To engage people who can’t be there in person. In addition to capturing inspiring quotes, key ideas, findings, and insights, we strategically hashtagged the tweets to reach people beyond the usual followers.  

Ghostwriting – For Cyberport CEO, Herman Lam

Ghostwriting for Cyberport CEO, Herman Lam. Contributed a piece entitled “What Hong Kong can offer British Start-ups” in the London Matters magazine (